Signs of a bad starter Motor and starter motor replacement.

Signs of a bad starter Motor and starter motor replacement.

Do you need a starter motor replacement ?

The info below will help you determine if you have a bad starter Motor.however you can text or call us if you need a starter motor replacement. On mobile devices simply tap the call button below or in the right corner of the screen chat to us ! good luck.

we (mobile motors) will change your starter at your house .the cost is same or cheaper than a shop.

1. Starter sounds terrible.

One of the symptoms of a bad starter Motor is a clicking noise when you turn the key or push the start button. However, a starter can die without making any sound at all, or it may announce its impending death with whirring and grinding noise—so listen up! if there is a grinding sound and you have gone through all the below steps, then you need a starter motor replacement.

3. Your engine won’t crank.

Is your engine not starting? even though you boosted the car. In fact If a boost won’t start your engine, nothing other than a mechanic will! Mobile Motor could send a Mechanic to fix the issue at your home: (we are a mobile mechanic service )

2. You’ve got lights but Car Wont start .

If you try to start the engine only to find that the dashboard lights up, but the engine doesn’t turnover/start. you might have a bad starter.

5. Oil Leaking on the starter.

If you open the hood and find that your starter has engine oil on it, Your bad starter might be a sign of another problem, an oil leak. This is caused by oil dripping into the internal Starter parts. finally if the is the issue then needs to be replaced.

4. Smoke is coming from your car/ Over cranking

The starter is part of the car’s electrical system and could well be subject to blown fuses and short circuits. When you’ve been desperately attempting to start your car, the starter can overheat making electrical issues called Over Cranking . this Burn the starter Motor due to the sheer amount of heat. this creates the accompanying smoke—more likely. If you see or smell smoke, call for help rather than turning the key harder, again! this is really vital.

quality Mobile auto repair. we can get you back on the road in record time.

What causes starter problems?

A variety of problems can lead to a bad starter, including:

  • Loose wiring to and from the starter
  • Dirty wiring connections creating a poor connection.
  • Corrosion on battery
  • Worn-out Parts in Starter
  • Oil leaks that affects the starter

How do you troubleshoot starter problems?

Assuming you’ve already tried to start and boosted the vehicle.

Side note: if you need a boost contact us ! we are happy to provide a boost.

try one of the following troubleshooting tips.

1. Look under the hood.

Simple yet Problematic! battery cables and terminals are common issues. corrosion causes poor connection to the battery. this corrosion needs to be removed. we can however clean the terminals and apply an anti corrosion substance to prevent further corrosion. this saves you the stress of a starter motor replacement

2. Tap the starter.

Try lightly tapping the starter a few times with a rod, long screwdriver etc., making sure not to destroy the starter by pounding it.. In some cases, this gentle tapping can help power it back up, since you’ll be tapping the electrical components back in contact with each other. but just like an old TV this tapping on it wont fix it permanently. You are lucky to get it up and running. You still need a starter motor replacement and ASAP !

3. transmission.

If your automatic transmission is in the “park” mode but the car won’t start. Try starting the car in “neutral.” If it starts in “neutral,” there may be a transmission issue that’s preventing the car from starting in “park,” like a faulty neutral safety switch, or other transmission related issues. We can run the fault codes on a scan tool and see what is causing the issue.

finally you can Get in touch with us for a cost of starter motor replacement.

We also provide a vehicle Boosting service. all these services are to your location. We bring Service to you.

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