6 reasons your car wont start

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‘Don’t stress it a lot of people go through the trauma of : my car cranks but wont start ? our article below can surly assist you in diagnosing a non starting car . Please go through the steps carefully and don’t simply assume the issue. sometimes the smallest things could be at play such as a loose wire or a little old fuse. we hope we can be of use to you today ! if at any point you cant manage were right hear waiting to assist you.

1. Bad Battery–

A dead battery is often the  reason your car won’t start. Your battery can die from several reasons (a few common ) reasons ;

  • you left a  light on for awhile maybe?,
  • is your battery dead ? it should be around 12. Volts
  • a wire is loose, (maybe loose battery cable)
  • poor connectivity at battery ground
  • Possibly  it’s simply a really old battery!
  • Give your car a boost and if it starts its highly likely that the battery is the problem. HAVE IT CHANGED !
  • Consider replacing the battery, cleaning the  battery terminals, use battery acid neutralizer  or have an expert look at it by Booking an appointment with us !
  • If the car doesn’t start keep diagnosing ! to step 2

2. Damaged Ignition Switch –

So if you boosted your car and the batter is good , but your car doesn’t start over after a few attempts , then  you might have a problem with the ignition switch. You can try to narrow down the cause of your issue by turning on your headlights. Because the battery controls your headlights and dashboard lights , if they turn on the ignition , but your engine won’t start, a bad ignition switch could be the problem. have an expert look at it by Booking an appointment with us !

3. Bad Starter–

a broken starter is another common reason your car won’t start.  the starter provides the turning force necessary to get the engine moving  to start the car. If you hear a clicking noise when you try to start your vehicle, a broken or weakened starter could be the issue. have an expert look at it by Booking an appointment with us !

4. blocked Fuel Filter–

checked if you got fuel delivery?  If your fuel filter is clogged up , Gas won’t reach the engine. Fuel filters should be changed around 10,000 KM to 15,000 KM, so consider changing filters. have a expert change it by Booking an appointment with us !

5. No Gas in Tank   –

Sometimes we all forget! . If you were running on gas vapor  and forgot to refuel, your car probably wont have the juice to start. hmm if this is the issue then you need to properly clean a container that is gas safe and head on over to the gas station.

If you r issue is non if these then no issue we are ready to help at no cost over the phone and more so over our website chat feature. simply tell us your issue.

6. bad alternator

a bad alternator will cause the battery to take up some load. this will happen over a period of time till the cat wont start. the weaker the alternator the more it depends on the battery. it wont charge the battery efficiently. finally the battery is dead. at this point both the battery and the alternator need to be tested.

  • a good alternator charging voltage is 14.2 Volts
  • Battery voltage when off should be 12.6 Volts

we hope this post helped you. please leave a comment if we fixed your issue. thanks!

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