The fluids that flow in your vehicle are very important. They provide several different functions. The Fluids lubricate, heat/cool, run, and provide Hydraulic functions. That’s why its vital to carry out preventative maintenance. This alone will save you alot of worry down the road. by changing your fluids at the recommended times.

Key Point on vehicle Fluids

By not changing the Engine oil on time you run the risk of wearing out engine parts. Over time this leads to significant wear. and will cut short engine life. The Same goes for all the other vehicle fluids.

brakes service
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making sure your coolant is able to do its job is important. The coolant heats and cools. And over time it looses its Properties.  why wait till the water pump is damages ? 


Key tip

when changing coolant make sure you check the thermostat too. as this part controls when to release coolant. if the thermostat is stuck and doesn’t let coolant flow. You’ll be left with an overheated engine. Costing you thousands.

what to do ? 

If your due for a vehicle fluid flush specifically the coolant fluid flush contact us. or ask us how for more info 



Oil changes are really important in maintaining the vehicles engine. its a vital vehicle fluid. It keeps the engine lubricated. Its Critical that you take care of this.  as soon as the due date in approaching. as always we come to you. vehicle fluids are as good as an actual part.

A power Steering fluid flush is often Overlooked. For no real reason. the Power steering systems need care too. if you let the power steering fluid become old and exceed the recommended service time. you run the risk of Significant damage to the Power steering Pump.
We all know Brakes are a vital component of the braking system. but not a lot of people talk about how the brake fluid is as important. why is this?
Brake fluid wears out over time through repeated braking. think about how often your foot hits the peddle. That’s a lot of times per journey.
so what happens ?


The brake fluid starts retaining moisture in the lines as it gets weaker. causing all sorts of problems such as corrosion. the corrosion is the cause of the several problems. The calipers could get seized. Brake Lines get corroded. the master cylinder looses function. etc


the brake fluid boils making a poor hydraulic environment. Where the Fluid gets less compression. due to its properties wearing away.
Think of a fluid as a Liquid car part.
The transmission fluid is very important in a very costly component. One thing to always remember Transmission fluid is a detergent. Hence why the transmission is very clean once its taken apart. so as the vehicle fluids get older it’ll be less effective.
signs of old transmission fluid
causing issues such as trouble going into gear. difficulty in shifting between gears. A thumping sound when changing gears. delays in acceleration. wining and a grinding sounds when driving.

What to do ?

Contact us and get an estimate for the cost of a transmission fluid flush. were eager to give you the details you need to complete the maintenance.

What we do ?

We change the Vehicle Fluids as well as the old filter that can clog up with debris.
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