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Suspension service. The Suspension system Smooths out the ride. Giving you a comfortable feeling. The More Premium the car the better the suspension. The More you feel the luxurious feel. A Suspension Service is for replacing Parts that wear out due to age and or hard driving. The more potholes you hit and the more the suspension has to absorb all that vibration. See below for more on suspension service. 

what to do ? in preventing costly Suspension service costs. 

At the time of an oil change have your suspension checked over. Its the only time that you will have this opportunity. Or you might be bringing it in at a time you may not be ready. At least Oil change Check overs lets you know in advance. That Certain Parts could be wearing out. And in a few months you may need to change them. Our GCO (general check over ) is a great way to do this. for a small fee every 6 months it could save you down the road.
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Bellow is a List of the most common services we provide.  If you have a question regarding suspension service. Don’t hesitate to contact us.  Or use our live chat feature to the bottom right of the screen.  you can also book an appointment on our appointment page . 

The strut is a collection Of the Coil Spring and the Shock. the spring holds the weight of the vehicle. called the Sprung weight. and the Shock Absorbs the Force of driving. Giving you a smooth ride. when the Shock absorber is Old. The Gas withing is old or Leaked out. Its important to have The struts working for a healthy suspension. Because if the Struts Need Replacing and you leave it for longer than it needs to. You run the Risk of needing Suspension service too. Its A costly fix, But think long term if you have them checked and have a few months life span. You could save up for it.

The suspension is a complicated yet a simple area of the the vehicle. The Suspension all works together. From the Control arms to bushings, ball joints and bearings. it all has a role to play.

What you should do

If you have any clunking sounds when driving or going over bumpy roads, or generally.

What we do ?

We send our Well versed suspension service experts to help you figure out the issue.

The Steering System Contains Several different Components that are important. this relates to the alignment of the vehicle. if the alignment is not straight the tires will be dragging at an angle. causing extra pressure on the suspension and tires. Its best to Check your alignment when you realize the car isn’t driving straight. if you leave this for too long it may result in needing a suspension service

Without a functioning wheel bearings the wheels wont rotate smooth. Because The Wheel bearing Connects the hub and tire and adds A friction free environment. Once the bearings are Bad, you will notice the vehicle making a wooing sound from the wheel/wheels. In fact you might hear a grinding sound too.


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