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So you need a Pre Purchase inspection. We feel that’s the best way to find out if the vehicle you want to purchase is any good. You don’t want to just rely on the sellers word. Its always good to have a second opinion. 

How we go about the Pre purchase inspection.

Our Professional Mechanics look at many different Components of the vehicle. Noting down everything on a Digital checklist. Don’t worry our checklist is reader friendly. That means you don’t need an Automotive degree to understand it. We then send you a detailed list of findings.

Safety Concerns

We Clearly note the Safety concerns we find on the Vehicle. This will be a headline on the Report. We feel its your right to clearly and quickly see this. Safety can be anything from. really bad tires, Failed suspension parts. Really poor Brakes. or even rust in areas that critical to safety. 

Pre Purchase inspection Details 


Are there any lighting problems? burnt bulbs that may be a sign of other problems.

Body –

Any Accidents, paint defect, loose panels. Signs of a poor paint job. One big issue when inspecting a car before purchasing is Rust. Making sure there no rusting between the paint and the body is important. Especially due to our winter conditions. This could cost a lot down the road of not seen early.


We look for any squeaking sounds coming form the suspension. Rust on components That might Decrease part life. We use Pry bars and really work the suspension. We want to hear what the car is Crying about. With those squeaks.  The Pry bar will show us alot of the suspensions problems. We then move on to Inspecting the Springs and  struts for oil leaks and wear. Of the Spring is Really old it will loose tension. The Loss of Tension will cause the Vehicle to be lob-sided, appear lower an give you a rough ride. 

Bushings –

Worn bushings Create friction between moving parts. the More wear the more friction. Due to age and weather conditions the rubber disintegrates. The Dried rubber almost then falls apart. This needs to be looked at closely if it causes a safety issue.

Tire quality –

Tires are costly on average a good new tire runs at $150.00. Feathering, Cracking, Bulges and uneven wear will tell us a lot about how the owner drives. A bad Wheel alignment will show signs on the tires too, with uneven wear.


We will also pay attention to the brake pads during the Inspection. The brake Pads, rotors, calipers and brake fluid are all important. We need to know the condition of all these. If the brake pads are worn out that may cause pressure on the Caliper. The piston pushing too far out when braking and may cause a seized caliper. and show up with leaking brake fluid.

Vehicle rust –

body, under wheel well, suspension, paint bubbling due to rust.

Engine –

We Inspect the engine for several things such as: Codes, Sounds, And fluids. The Codes tell us if every thing is working fine. The Sound of the engine Confirms that. Due to the amount of fluid in the engine its good to check for leaks. Our Mechanic will inspect the engine bay for sings of leaks that will cause a greasy appearance.



shifting of gears. Our Diagnostic equipment will tell us all about the transmission. We will get trouble codes if the Transmission is faulty. We note it on the Pre Purchase inspection.



Quality of interior. How is the interior maintained. Torn seats, damages knobs etc

Click hear for a full Pre purchase inspection report template example.

Final stage of Pre Purchase Inspection 

We Share the report with you. (for privacy). The seller is not involved in anyway with our reporting. We will call you if need be to run through the report for a detailed understanding. we will at the end of the report give the Vehicle an average score between 1 to 10. With ten being the best possible score.
Pre purchase inspection in Toronto

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