There are many components in the engine of your vehicle. the modern car is a maze of wires and sensors. often hard to reach, see or diagnose. Luckily you have us. we bring the auto shop to your driveway and help you will Your Engine Repair. Like We sed earlier. there is many components involved in the engine. so when there is something wrong. we analyze the situation with knowledge and diagnostic tools.

How Does this help ?

This gives you a faster and more accurate result. The mechanic is also connected back to our base. Where we have a man on a computer that’s helping him by finding out info he needs.

Mobile auto service experts
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Bellow is a List of the most common services we provide.  If you have a question don't hesitate to contact us.  Or use our live chat feature to the bottom right of the screen.

The Engine light is a very scary light. for most people. But you shouldn’t have to worry about this. Because you have us to help you.

What we do

We run a diagnosis on the vehicle with a scan too. And asses what’s going on. Most of the time its something small. so give us a buzz and we will send a Mobile mechanic to help you asses your Engine Repair needs.
Lets face it. You ain’t going nowhere if your car isn’t starting. Is your vehicle showing signs that it’s not starting as normal? or not starting at all.

What we should do ?

If you face ether of these issues then don’t stress it much. We are your Mechanics that will come to you. They call us Mobile service Experts. because we achieve happiness for our customers at their preferred location. We have a vast number of ways to test your vehicle for what ever may need attention. Contact us if you need more info or like us to fix the issue.
An Engine misfire is a result of several factors, such as quality/ quantity of fuel, Air and Spark. To analyze this and get the best possible result in fixing the issue. You may need a service professional.
what we do
We ether run DTC Trouble code and see if any problems exist on the ECU or ECM. We them look at the quality of spark, fuel injection and air. As well as the Vacuum system.
what you should do
I must note we do this from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to even lift a finger. So relax and let us do the heavy lifting. after all the customer should have an comfortable service.

Sensors and modules need diagnostic equipment to diagnose 90% of the time. Our Mobile Mechanics will bring the right tools to diagnose this issue. As well as replace what you need.

One of the worse things is when oil leeks. It’s Messy, a concern and at times hard to find.

What we do

But we Can help you by cleaning out the Engine area for better sighting of the leak. Further more we can then asses the leaks. but we have a magic tool called UV Dye that we add to the engine. This tells us exactly where the leak is. Quick Simple and to the point. this will guide us in the Engine Repair needs. 

What you do

Tell us you got an oil leak and we will ask for a picture of the engine if possible. further more we can then send a pro to your home and diagnose the vehicle or add uv dye and find the problem.


Use “Super Clean” Degreaser to remove the stubborn oil drops.
The fuel system is complex at time and a bit of a head scratch if you don’t understand it. There is several things that usually go wrong that cause the engine Light to Come on. the fuel system often enough is one of the culprits.
contact us and we will help you figure this out with one of our trusted Professional mechanics. a diagnsis of the issue will guide us in figuring our what Engine repair is needed. 

such as 

  • Water pump 
  • Radiator 
  • Hoses 
  • Heater core 
  • Thermostar 
  • ETC 





The Engine Cooling System cools the engine. If its not functioning and left unattended for long enough. You’ll be staring t a huge bill. because it will actually overheat the engine and cause the head gasket to blow.
If your vehicle is overheating contact us and we will assist you by checking whats happening. Like we mentioned this problem cannot wait. Its will cost you a huge amount of money to fix.

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