General Check Over is a great way to check if everything is OK with your car. If you get your oil change done and don’t have time to wait for an inspection, then this is good. Because at some point you will need an analysis of the vehicle.

What we check for in a General Check Over.

  • The engine bay. Make sure all the fluids are not old. And Further check the Levels of fluids making sure their not below spec.
-Oil Level and quality
– Brake fluid level and Quality
– Power Steering fluid
– transmission fluid

After This its time to Look for any oil Leaks or any other fluid leaks. As well as all hoses. Are the hoses bulging? soft ?Please note Mechanic will use A data sheet and we will submit one to you after.

  • Serpentine belt Wear and tear. We check for cracking and wear. Mechanic Will check for and feel the Belt for tension.
  • Air Filter – Simple yet important. As you know the car has to breath. A clogged Air Filter Will cause several issues. The Vehicle could run rich. And Clog up the Catalytic Converter.
  • All lights Front and back- need to be functioning. It’s an easy way to get a ticket. But more important its a safety matter.
  • Tires – We check the tire tread depth, Tire wear pattern, and cracking due to age. Are all part of a good General check over.
  • brakes – we Inspect the brakes – for rotor wear and pad thickness.Is the rotor warped ? are the calipers ok etc .
  • Once we get done with the Brakes Part of the General Check Over. its time to check suspension for any noises and looseness. we look for tightness. Tightness is good. Limited play between parts.
  • Rust factor is big, if there is a bit of rust in hidden areas then its only gonna spread and be visible. Its best to identify it early.
  • Finally we Enter the vehicle. take a rest. and look at the Dash for any lights, and start the car. This tells us if the starter and battery is ok.
  • To conclude You join Our Mechanic to complete this general check over. On a road test. Round the block we go. Making sure to listen for any sounds, and clues. and finally everything’s done. and Our office send you the details of the inspection for your recor
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