Our founders moved to Canada in 2016 and had to start from the bottom up.  In  a new  country But not quite  the bottom, Working as a service adviser Ahmed  slowly understood what a Canadian customer really needs.
With people asking for more and more convenience its easy to see what people need. Resulting in The Berth of mobile Motors. but this was only the beginning. we realized the competition was stiff. so we had to find a way to be relevant.
and we did, we are an affordable mobile auto service, premium at a cheaper price. now hows that ?
 Mobile motors is currently serving the Toronto GTA area. you simply request a service and we deliver you parts and service to your home.



Here’s a brief overview of what we offer and do to give our customers the best experience possible! Go MOBILE car repair!!!!


  • Mobile Motors provides a convenient and affordable car maintenance and repair service.
  • We specialize in providing mobile mechanics for your vehicle repairs on your driveway.
  • Parts delivered at no extra cost.
  • Based on Toronto GTA region, we are readily available, providing our customers a quick flexible
  • Digital payments and invoicing allows for paperless and convenience.
  • There’s no need to worry about say … “car garage near me “


What we provide

  • auto mechanics that come to you.
  • When you call Mobile Motors, we send our experienced and well-trained mobile mechanics.
  • Whether you are at your home, stuck on the roadside, at work or at a shopping center parking lot, we will come to you.
  • At Mobile Motors, we believe in providing our customers an excellent service, ensuring that we fix all issues, guaranteeing customer satisfaction
  • We use OEM original parts and certified aftermarket parts.
  • We provide fantastic warranties to give you the extra relief.



Contact us and book appointments:


  • To book an appointment, contact Mobile Motors (416) 456-9948. Auto service experts – Email: sales@mobilemotors.ca or Drop us a service request with an appointment right hear
  • We will provide you a quote with options to fit your budget.
  • Once you approve the quote we simply schedule an appointment to suite your timing.
  • Parts and mechanic will come to you! Hooray simple and easy service!

How to pay

  1. Cash
  2. Credit card – visa – MasterCard – American express etc
  3. E-transfer
  4. Bank transfer
  • Go paperless with e invoices (all your warranties easily accessible)
  • Digital payments by 3rd party secure payments ( square, Wave , PayPal, bank transfer)
  • Digital invoices will be sent directly to your email

Why choose us as your Mechanic ?

We appreciate the fact that our customers can get too busy, to afford time to come to an auto repair shop.Mobile Motors provides you an easy alternative by coming to you, providing  on-site auto repair.

What sets us apart from our competition?

  • Convenient and affordable auto repair.

we provide you high-quality vehicle repair service at affordable pricing. This allows our customers to save money when they choose us over our competition. We bring you affordable auto repair using warranted replacement parts. No fancy stuff just great service!

Fair and transparent pricing

Come to Mobile Motors and enjoy a fair and transparent pricing. We charge you only for the service provided, and so you do not have to worry about paying for services not offered zero up sells that’s right we don’t up sell any service.

 Enjoy an online payment option providing you flexibility

We support online payment.  At Mobile Motors, we are committed to providing our customers flexibility.

 Experienced and well-trained mobile mechanics

Our Mechanics Come with A badge of “Mobile Auto Service Experts”. This is a great skill to work anywhere. Our Mechanics Are Well Equipped to tackle the Job.

Prompt service

Based on our high level of experience, our customers count on an efficient quick service. We guarantee you availability of replacement parts no matter the model or type of vehicle.

On-time mobile mechanics

At Mobile Motors, we understand how stressing vehicle breakdown can be. This is why whenever our customers schedule a service; we attend to you on time. We will observe a timely response, making sure you are back on the road.

checkout : click for service bookings

Contact Mobile Motors today and enjoy a unique mobile auto repair service. We are ready to serve our customers and we provide the best automotive solutions.

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